About us

Alter&Go specialises in helping companies develop change management programs. We strongly believe that change gives rise to both individual and collective opportunities and that it contributes to progress, enthusiasm and long-lasting performance. We help you surface the value of a successful change in both people and business’s interests.

Your change project is a real challenge:

Our top priority is to help you create all conditions for its comprehensive and successful implementation.
Our commitment to deliver results consistent with a successful change
Our key areas of focus: 88% France – 12% International

Our 5 convictions

  • There is no such thing as reluctance to change
  • Courage, and not only diagnosis, is what it takes to implement a successful change program
  • Men and women in your organisation are the ones holding the key to your transformation project
  • Action is what makes key players unleash their full potential and show the depth of their commitment
  • Every change project is different and requires a specific answer and a tailor-made methodology